Grave of Dr. Etheldred Philips
A Marianna physician, Philips helped
treat the wounded. His son Charlie
left town with the Federals.
Lieutenant Isaac Adams
Wounded during the battle, Adams
died in Marianna and was buried at
Riverside Cemetery. His remains
have since been removed to
Barrancas National Cemetery in
Order of Battle at the Battle of Marianna, Florida
Order of Battle - the Battle of Marianna, Florida
Grave of Littleton Myrick
A private in Company B, 15th
Confederate Cavalry, Myrick was
killed in the battle and buried at St.
Luke's Cemetery.
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Order of Battle - Confederate

Commanding Officer        

Colonel Alexander Montgomery, P.A.C.S.

Major J.E. Galliger, Conscripts
Lieutenant William McPherson, Adjutant
Assistant Surgeon Henry Robinson
Assistant Surgeon C.C. Burke


Robert J. Chisolm's Company, Alabama State Militia
J.B. Roulhac's Detachment, Company B, 15th Confederate Cavalry
*William A. Jeter's Company E, 5th Florida Cavalry
*William H. Milton's Company G, 5th Florida Cavalry
Alexander R. Godwin's Campbellton Cavalry, Florida State Militia
*Luke Lott's Calhoun County Home Guards, Florida State Militia
Henry J. Robinson's Greenwood Club Cavalry, Florida State Militia


W.W. Poe's Battalion, 1st Florida Reserves (Mounted)
Jesse J. Norwood's Marianna Home Guards, Florida State Militia
*George Robinson's Jackson County Home Guards, Florida State Militia

* With the exception of a few individual members who happened to be in town, units
identified with asterisks (*) arrived after the main battle, but participated in the skirmishing
along the Chipola River.

Note: In addition the full companies or detachments listed here, a number of individuals
also participated in the Battle of Marianna. These included "walking wounded" soldiers from
the Marianna Post Hospital, civilian volunteers who happened to be in town, regular
Confederate officers and soldiers home on leave and possibly even a few women of the
town who were reported to have fired from the windows of houses.

Order of Battle - Union

Commanding Officers

Brigadier General Alexander Asboth, U.S. Volunteers
Colonel L.L. Zulavsky, 82nd U.S. Colored Infantry


Captain M.M. Young, 7th Vermont Veteran Volunteers, Acting Assistant Adjutant
Lieutenant Ellis Ayer, 2nd Maine Cavalry, Adjutant


2nd Maine Cavalry (Cutler's, Hutchinson's and Spurling's Battalions)
1st Florida Cavalry (Ruttkay's Battalion)


Detachment, 82nd U.S. Colored Infantry (3 officers, 43 men)
Detachment, 86th U.S. Colored Infantry (3 officers, 30 men)

Note: While no regular artillery units were attached to the Union command, two 12-pounder
mountain howitzers were attached to Company M of the 2nd Maine Cavalry. The guns,
however, were not used during the Battle of Marianna.
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