Ely Corner at Marianna
The men of Poe's Battalion
were heavily engaged in the
fighting on West Lafayette
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Although most of Poe's men
managed to fall back across
the Chipola River, some were
captured in the fighting that
took place around St. Luke's
Episcopal Church.
Captain W.W. Poe's Battalion, First Florida Reserves
The Battle of Marianna, Florida
Brig. Gen. Alexander Asboth
In a pre-battle report, General
Asboth noted that Captain
Wilson W. Poe commanded a
growing body of infantry at
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Known Members and Volunteers who served with Poe's Battalion
(Company C of the 1st Florida Reserves on September 27, 1864.

It is believed that additional men volunteered and served with this company during the Battle of
If you know of someone not listed here, please contact us by clicking here.
Commanding Officer        

Captain Wilson W. Poe

N.G. Colquitt, 1st Lieutenant
W.J. Turner, 2nd Lieutenant

Enlisted Men

Peter F. Abercrombie - Captured
E.S. Alderman
Irwin Allen
John Alley - Captured
John Anderson - Captured
J.T. Arnold
William J. Austin
James M. Bates
G.B. Beck
W.R. Bell
Stephen T. Belser
WIlliam Bevis
Winn Bevis
T.J. Blue
Thomas J. Boone
James Bowers
R.K. Bower
A.H. Bright
A.T. Brock
Henry Brown
J.M. Brown - Captured
E.M. Bryant
W. Bryant
Felder Burket
Henry Carlisle
John Carroll
P. Chute
W.G. Clark
J.W. Coppidge
Joseph B. Cox
J.J. Culpepper
Dr. T.W. Dann
J.W. Davis
B.J. Day
R.S. Dickson
J.A. Farley
W.A. Farley
P.A. Finley
Benjamin S. Floyd
William J. Ford
B.H. Franklin
William E. Fulgham
James J. Gay
T.J. Gay
Charles M. Graves
D.G. Gunn
A. Haney
W.M. Harrell
R. Hawkins
R. Hawkins, Jr.
Lewis Hyatt
G.S. Irwin
J.D. Johnson
J.J. Johnson
F. Jarman
Christopher Keller
Mathney Kiel - Captured
Joseph Kittleband
James Kooner
H.P. Lacy
G.A. Lanier
John Lanier
Giles Lupo
Daniel McDonald
W.L. McDOnald
C.B. McFarlan
J.T. McFarlin
A.P. McLeod
David McMillan
Sam McQuiag
William E. Maer
T.S. Marshall
John Mayo
J.D. Miles
W. Miles
A.J. Miller
Rufus Milligan
E.P. Moore
Henry C. Neel
Jesse Nelson
J. Newman
Alfred Nickles
James Nickles
R.E. Oswald
A. Padgett
J.H. Parish
J.W. Parish
Moses Parker
Peter Parker
John Peacock
Benjamin F. Peel
A.D. Pinkney
John PItts
W.S. Raines
P. Rawles
H.H. Richardson
D. ROberts
John Rogers
Oliver Rostrum
Charles S. Russ
E.S. Russ
William Sapp
Isaac Scott
E.J. Seawright
A. Sellers
W.N.W. Shiver - Wounded and Captured
William Sills
Miles Sims - Captured
R.W. Smith
Ruel Stanley
J.R. Williams - Captured
Joseph Windfield